July 22, 2017


The wrap is probably the most versatile carrier out there and one you get to try a couple of tying methods, you sure enjoy experimenting more and more with this. :)

Safety & fun! So let's see today 6 different wrap-tying ways, to help you master the art of babywearing. What other methods have you tried? 

July 4, 2017

In babywearing, just like in life, after all, we are in a constant process of learning. Nowadays, the lovely gift of internet connection allows us to document every step of our learning journey and learn from other people's mistakes, but, let's face it, mistakes still happen and most of the times, they're necessary.

We've been through a lot of stuff since we started Mamagoló and we learned along the way, while talking to mommas around the world about their struggles with babywearing and testing things ourselves. So today we...

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