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What I Do

Because you don’t really know what weight is until your knees go soft standing next to your child in hospital. There is all the beauty and joy and dreams when you become a parent and then there are the scary parts, the tears and fears. That is how parenthood begins for those who have premature babies. Despair, guilt, not-knowing, beeping and the glass window of the incubator. I have been asked many times which part of what i do i like the most, what my favorite collection is, what am i most proud of. Without a doubt, it is the work i had the chance to do in one of the PIC (Premature Infant Care) in my hometown. Being part of the implementation of NIDCAP program was the most emotional and deepest work i have done. It is still a long way to go. I wish all mothers and premies were given a chance to do skin-to-skin and have access to support in every way needed. I wish neonatal units wouldn’t have to struggle with supplies and shortage of staff. I wish all of us knew how many babies are born premature and how important it is for them to get proper care. What i don’t wish is for anyone to know what it feels like looking at a 500 gr. baby. We have been making premature infant care items for 4 years. Kangaroo care tops, nests, blankets, nursing pillows, incubator covers. Because it is essential to keep noise and light out as much as possible. Did you know that their pupils do not contract from harsh light? Did you know that they don’t cry because they don’t have sufficient energy to do so? Did you know that their nervous system is not developed well enough to have a ameliorating response to pain? I could go on endlessly. But my point here is that we have finally developed a cover that suits incubators like Giraffe, Atom and Dräger. We will have them on the site in case you want to adopt your city’s Neonatal Care and make a donation to them. We don’t make profit on any items related to premature infant care. And this post is also a giveaway: 🔅🔅🔅nominate in comments the NICU you would like to receive a cover from us and we will draw a winner on #worldprematurityday November 17th. #premiesrock #nicu #nicubaby #madeintransylvania #produsdecluj

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