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Jacquard ring sling Carousel - Raspberry


Carousel is our most minimalist pattern, geometric and balanced, like japanese illustrations, they carry you to the endless, relaxing image of the waves. Like a day at the seaside.

Raspberry reminds us of the freshness and exquisite aroma of these amazing little forest fruits. Vibrand purple in a not so usual combination of steel-blue will enchant your senses and color your walk.

  • Ring slings are an easy to use and foolproof carrier, very quickly adjusted
  • Mamagoló cotton ring slings are perfectly adaptable to both hot days and the coldest and, because they are enjoyable from the very first ware, we strongly recommend them for beginner parents.
  • jacquard weave is amazing for babywearing, it's soft and supportive
  • our fabrics carry our own personal design and they are exclusively woven for Mamagoló
  • 245 gsm, 100% cotton
  • all Mamagoló cotton slings can be used on both sides