Cotton mask

  • With every mask you buy we donate one to healthcare workers, curriers, mailman. So you help us help in this time of lack of medical supplies and great challenge. We are grateful to all heroes on the barricades. They are the real influencers of today.
  • Our masks are made of 2 layers of high density ranforce cotton and a muslin layer in the middle. They keep their colour and size after several washing cycles.
  •  These masks are useful for preventing the spread of saliva / jet droplets into the environment.
  •  Wash your hands before and after applying the mask and do not touch the front of them.
  •  The masks are worn for a limited time, in case of contact with other people (keep at the same time the distance of 2 m between people), at most until they get wet.
  •  Wash the mask at the highest temperature / boil and iron after each use.
  •  You should not wear them at home. Please stay at home as much as possible and practice social distancing wherever you need to go. Our masks are not medical equipment. 
  • They come in child (15 x 5 cm) and adult (19 x 7 cm)
  • All our masks have a side with pattern and one uni. You can wear them on both sides, but only one side between washes.
  • Please desinfect (wash at 70 C, boil for 10 minutes) and iron the masks before the first and after every use
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