Felt crowns


Children are the little queens and kings of all families. We want to make his realm beautiful, complete, and keep this bubble from the seven-headed dragon. Our unique, personalized crowns give every child a walk into this magic world. As there are no two identical kingdoms, there are no two identical crowns. Because they all have a different story, personalization tools can be different:

  • The basic: felt, optional colors (ribbed, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, white, pink)
  • Decoration: figurines are made of felt, but wood and glass beads and buttons can appear as decorative elements.  The crown impersonating scene can be decorated with animals, plants, fairies, elves, children, vehicles, castles, or any chosen figure, with or without name.
  • The tape allows you to adjust to the size, which is also available in colors (see basic).
  • Orders are discussed and confirmed in details in email or phone, payed in advance and require 1 week of completion 
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