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Ssc Hoppla - Follow your Heart - Twilight


Twilight marks the beginning of a new weaving story at our workshop. And seemingly a beautiful one. Luxurious jacquard weave with satin finishing and silky shine. Our most traditional folk patterned Follow your Heart taken to new dimensions to reveal it's beauty and soulful details. Twilight is woven in a very special method, resulting in a shaded effect for the pattern on both sides. Practically we created a colorful universe out of three basic colours: red, white and blue.

  • Soft Structured Carriers are a very easy to use and heavy-duty option
  • we recommend them from 6 months old
  • jacquard weave is amazing for babywearing, it's soft and supportive
  • our fabrics carry our own personal design and they are exclusively woven for Mamagoló
  • 240 gsm, 100% cotton
  • all Mamagoló Hopplá carriers can be worn on both sides