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How to choose the right baby carrier

The first question you're probably asking yourself while browsing through the slings, wraps and all the colorful new opportunities of wearing your little one is "How do I choose from all of these?". We get it and we're here to walk you through the whole process.

Before going through some simple criteria to help you put things into perspective, the two key factors you should consider are longevity and versatility, because, while you want your carrier to fit perfectly your baby-wearing needs, you'd probably love to find those products that will hug and protect your little one as much time as possible.

1. Age and weight - how does the support vary?

Don't worry, for each age and weight there are more carriers to choose from.

Ring slings are suitable from 3.5 to about 20 kilograms, depending on the fabric:

  • silk slings can be worn from birth to about 15 kilograms

  • cotton slings are suitable for children from birth to about 15 kilograms

  • the hand-woven fabric is thick and dense, suitable both for children and for the older ones, providing better support and greater confort for the wearer than other slings

  • linen slings are suitable from birth up to 17 kilograms

Woven wraps are the most versatile carriers, since they come in the different sizes, depending on the desired position and finish. All that's left for you to do is check the sizez and choose the right one for your baby.

Our Soft Structured Carriers Hoppla! are suitable for children older than 6 months and up to 20 kilograms. They're making baby-wearing comfortable even at bigger weights, because the child's gravitational centre doesn't rely on a single area of ​​the wearer's back, but distributes the weight evenly.

Elastic (stretchy) wraps are suitable both for premature and full term babies, from birth to about 6 months or 9 kilograms. This carrier also makes it very easy for you to achieve correct position for small babies if you're a beginner.

Pouch slings are a type of non-adjustable carriers, recommended for children of 6 months and older.

2. Versatility - can I use it in more than one way?

If you found a carrier you can call The One and want it to be the only thing that helps you wear your baby, then we should tell you that each of our carriers is designed to be strong enough to safely support your baby throughout all the growing stages. Some of the Mamagoló moms enjoyed the embrace of a single carrier with their second baby too.

When it comes to the carrying position and tying, woven wraps are the most versatile carriers, since they can be tied in more than 30 ways.

3. Fabrics - can I choose it according to season?

While the fabric of any baby-wearing product should be smooth and tender, since it's gonna be you and your baby's second skin, a thicker fabric in darker colours could be not that suitable for a summer day. Let's take a tour among the fabrics we use:

The silk fabric is a cool, smooth and comfortable fabric that goes well in summer. Also, your baby or toddler will be even more excited to be worn in a sling that's very supportive, since silk is 10 times stronger than cotton.

  • linen slings

Linen, made from the amazing flax fiber is also a good answer to ice-melting temperatures of summer, because it is a light and airy material that fits perfectly and always gives a feeling of coolness. Even if it's a thin thread, linen is five times stronger than cotton. By the way, our linen is locally made in Romania.

  • cotton slings

Oh, the eternal cotton, malleable and with a cool satin finish, what can be better to create a nest in the arms of a parent? Mamagoló cotton slings are perfectly adaptable to both hot days and the cold ones. They are easy to use from the very first try, so we strongly recommend it to beginners. They're made from cotton produced in Romania.​

  • hand-woven slings

The handwoven sling can be worn both in summer and winter - it will perfectly fit your child's fluffy outfit and your cold-weather coat at the same time.

  • wraps

Most probably, your baby won't enjoy a walk in the hot sun, while being wrapped in the thick layers of this fabric, so we'd recommend you avoid using this carrier during the summer.

  • SSC carriers​

You'll probably want to use this type of carrier during the cold season. Because of it's extra-supportive pads and belt, it might be a little difficult to wear during higher temperatures.

4. Compactness - which one is easier to pack and travel with?

We know, right? Having space to fit every little thing in our luggage when we travel or simply keeping the bag light while being a parent are challenges we don't always win.

Since the slings and wraps are the most compact carriers and the fabric they're made of is lighter, they can be easily packed and fit in pretty much any bag.

5. Breastfeeding - which one is the most comfortable?

While Mamagoló moms told us that they could breastfeed while wearing their babies in almost any type of carrier, we recommend ring slings if you want comfort, maximum adjustability and stylish coverage at the same time.

6. Back problems - which one distributes the weight better

Well, we've got your back on this one, hehe.

Wraps are a very versatile choice when it comes to newborn babies, since they allow you to keep them close and kissable, while the fact that the wraps can be tied in more than 30 ways gives you the opportunity to perfectly distribute the weight.

Soft structured carriers are a great choice because of the extra-support added by the wide straps and belts, filled with high density foam. The wide deck allows is adjustable and makes child-wearing suitable for a long period.

These are pretty much the most important things to take into account when you buy your first baby carrier. You'll see, you and your little one are gonna love the closeness and permanent affection baby-wearing encourages so much, that you'll probably buy one carrier for every season, just to enjoy the different way each and one of them are making you feel.

Careful though if you're sharing it with your significant other - not everyone loves pink!

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