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5 babywearing myths that definitely need busting

Dear loving moms and dads all over the world, it's only natural to want the best for your children, especially for newborns, who are so fragile and need such gentle attention.

Therefore, pretty much any decision we make towards caring for our babies requires gathering information from a lot of sources before actually deciding, either if it's choosing your first carrier, or deciding between a ring sling and a wrap.

Although babywearing has been popular since forever and parents all over the world found more and more creative ways to carry their children, some concerns regarding safety and development still linger around and most of the times, they turn into fears.

We wanna keep parents informed with facts, so today we're gonna bust some babywearing myths.

1. "The baby will be clingy and spoiled if you carry him all the time"

You know what? The truth is exactly on the opposite side of this myth.

Because your baby can feel, smell, touch and hear you all the time while being carried, he will develop feelings of security and constant support early in life and further be able to feel safer to discover the world on his own, since he knows he's being loved and cared for.

Also, carried babies have their needs met faster and more promptly, which reduces the crying and general discomfort.

And besides, what else is cooler than discovering the world together with the person who loves you the most? We believe that there is no limit in the amount of love and affection your baby should receive.

2. "Do you want your back and shoulders to be ruined?"

Pff, that's a silly question, of course nobody wants that.

And furthermore, nobody needs to think about back and shoulders problems caused by babywearing, since well-designed carriers distribute the baby's weight evenly, so they don't put pressure on any specific areas of your body. Instead of holding your baby in your arms, why not enjoy the exact same thing, but with a supportive fabric that will help balance the weight?

Most parents who give up babywearing don't pay enough attention to good fitting and correct positioning, so the carriers end up to be blamed. Remember that we are always here for you when it comes to advice in how to find the best carrier, just pop the question and we'll come up with the options!

3. "Baby carriers can suffocate or cause hip dysplasia to your child"

source: Intenational Hip Dysplasia Institute

photo source: International Hip Dysplasia Institute

This is probably one of the most popular fears that make parents feel unsafe about enjoying the magic of babywearing.

The safe babywearing rules are simple: tight, in view all the time, close enough to kiss, chin off chest and face free of fabric. Babywearing is very similar to holding your baby in your arms, and as long as you check his position regularly there is absolutely no risk of suffocation.

When it comes to hip dysplasia concerns, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute came up with a statement that solves the mystery. Not only that correct positioning and fitting (mentioned this the second time already, so it must be very important, hehe) does not cause any hip damage to your baby, but it can actually bring substantial benefit for natural hip development.

4. "Your child can already walk, he doesn't need to be carried anymore"

Be sure that your child will let you know when he doesn't wish to be carried anymore, so there's no need for anyone to regulate that for you two.

Even if your child already started walking, it doesn't mean that he won't need to be snuggled, kissed and caressed while taking a nap in your arms, after a full day of wonder and discovery.

Having your favourite baby carrier in your bag whenever you go out exploring can't hurt.

5. "Babywearing is dangerous because wraps and slings are not strong enough"

Just like any product that wants to keep the promise, baby carriers also have international safety standards and regulations that have to be met.

Our advice is to search for certified manufacturers, who can prove that their products are safe to use. All our products are certified, so you don't have to think about safety, but only about how to find the product that will make the wonderful bond between you and you baby even more amazing.

So, it seems that logic, love and care can wash away unjustified opinions about babywearing. What other myths have you come across? Let us know!

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