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Babywearing worldwide: 4 amazingly inspiring moments

Throughout history, birth giving was always equally magical, even if sometimes the conditions were harsher than we could imagine nowadays. That moment of seeing and holding your baby for the first time erased any pain or worry and started an incredible bond of attachment and unconditional love.

Protecting their little ones and holding them the nearest they could were the priorities of mothers everywhere in the world. Sometimes with a glimpse of creativity or a little bit of improvisation, babywearing took various and really inspiring forms.

Here's our little box of inspiration, with four amazing photo-stories from all over the world.

1. Traditional cradleboards - when building a carrier meant more than weaving a great ring sling

One of our favourite baby carriers is the Native American cradleboard, an extremely detailed and beautifully decorated carrier, that wasn't probably very easy to support.

But hey, totally worth if it can help you hold your baby close, right?

2. Being a mom means you have to learn how to eternally improvise

photo source:

Not much more to add here, just enormous admiration for the creativity of this mom.

3. Over the hills and far away, babywearing moms make it work

So, how amazing is this Peruvian mother, trekking through the Andes, while carrying her baby on her back? That must've been a pretty amazing sight for that lucky baby.

4. Babywearing dads - gotta love them

photo source:

Baby in a grape basket, worn by a proud dad? We dig that. This Australian babywearing dad sure knows how to impress.

So, you see, now we have all this amazing weaving technology, so we can make comfortable and pretty wraps, ring slings or soft structured carriers, but parents in history had their inventive ways to wear their babies all day, every day.

We hope to have inspired you, mothers and fathers of the world!

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