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4 reasons why every mom should try handwoven carriers

handwoven wrap

If you're already enjoying wearing your children for some time or you just landed in the magnificent world of babywearing, you know that there's really a lot to choose from.

Today, we're not gonna talk about how to choose the perfect carrier, since you probably already read our advice on that, but we're gonna let the most special kind of carrier shine, as it deserves: the handwoven carrier, where weaving magic, old craft and unearthly colors meet.

So, why is it so special (and also, more expensive than the other ones, you'll ask)? Well, let's see:

1. It is the result of generations-old crafting ways - the fabric is a little piece of history

Did you know that the weaving machine is one of the oldest inventions in the history of humanity? If there is something you can never put a price tag on, that's definitely the wisdom and craft earned from your elders.

Babywearing handwoven fabrics follow the principles of centuries old legacy and products made with grandmothers and great-grandmothers in our hearts.

Our beloved weaving magician, Cristina from Three Hearts Handwoven, inherited the passion for threads from her mother and grandmother and started knitting since she was 5, taking further what she learned and turning it into heart-warming, eye-candy fabric.

What a lovely story!

2. It bears the mark of exclusivity - few people are lucky to enjoy the products

The unique connection between a mom and her baby deserves a unique way to celebrate it, right?

Handwoven carriers are usually made in lower volumes, which means there will be little chances to see your ring sling or wrap worn by someone else. This is one of the reasons why these types of carriers are pricier than the others.

3. Because of the weaving technique, handwoven carriers are eye-candy jewels

Although handweaving machines can't support complicated patterns like jacquard fabrics can, plain weave, twill or crackle weaving patterns are exactly what make it so special, design-wise.

There are infinite color opportunities, from pure white or rainbow-like designs, to gradient hues or fabrics resembling the lovely summer sunsets.

4. Quality handwoven carriers are softer and more supportive than other fabrics

Handweaving techniques are guilty for this also. Good quality thread will assure a denser fabric, which creates wonderful supportiveness, especially for bigger babies or toddlers.

Did you ever try a handwoven carrier? What did you like most about it?

Hit us with a message if you need assistance or advice in finding your perfect carrier, but until then, take a look at our handwoven carriers, especially made for us by Three Hands Handwoven.

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