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Ring sling versus Soft-structured carrier - how are they different?

What should I choose for baby: ring slings or soft-structured carriers? What are the differences between them and which one fits baby?

These are two question that are surely on your mind if you're a babywearing newbie and wanna find the perfect carrier. The first advice we give all mommas who don't know what to choose between a ring sling and a soft-structured carrier is that before buying one of the two types of carriers, try to gather as much info as possible online and then go to your local babywearing library to try them on and make sure they fit well.

So, ring slings and SSCs - first of all, you need to know that both of them are easy to put on and adjust, so getting used to any of them won't be too much trouble. These two types of carriers are also the most recommended for summer and travelling.

1. What age are they appropriate for?

You can use ring slings with your baby from day 1. They are versatile, highly adjustable and very supportive.

On the other hand, we recommend SSCs for babies older than 4-5 months, who already have head control and good muscle tonus.

2. How do they fit in a travelling bag?

While ring slings are smaller, can be easily folded and use little space in your bag, soft-structured carriers are a little bulkier and they take up a little more space in your luggage.

3. Which one is more comfortable?

Both carriers are comfortable, if you put on and adjust properly, that's a fact.

For bigger babies though, a ring sling might be a little less comfortable, since it's a one-shoulder carrier. Make sure to switch shoulders if you choose this type of carrier.

Soft-structured carriers, with their padded shoulders and extra-comfy belt (btw, mommies who wear Mamagoló told us that our belt makes the weight feel easy as a snowflake) distribute the weight evenly.

If you have any back problems, it's probably best you choose a SSC, rather than a ring sling.

4. Which one is better for summer?

With ring slings, you've got only one layer of fabric covering you and baby, while buckle carriers are a little thicker and fluffier, but they'll take the weight off your shoulders and give you better support.

So, you see, there is no all-in-1-choice when it comes to babywearing gear, but trying on and adjusting the carrier to you and your baby's needs should be the priorities when choosing between a ring sling and a SSC.

Hope we helped you get the big picture on the differences between these two really popular carriers and make sure you write us any questions or advice you need in order to make a choice.



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